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Wall formwork BF120

For customers looking for steel formwork made of the highest quality materials, a good solution will be to purchase our BF 120 wall formwork. The structure of large steel wall formwork allows them to be joined in any order. The forwork panels are intended for multiple use, both vertically and horizontally. They are made with holes for tie rods compatible with the formwork panels of the PERI TRIO and DOKA FRAMAX systems.

Due to their big weight, large-size formwork panels should be installed using a crane.

Elements of wall formwork and their dimensions

The offer includes:

formwork panels with a width of from 20 to 240 cm,
the height of the formwork panels is from 120 to 330 cm,
internal, external, articulated and stripping corners used to create corners of reinforced concrete walls.

Renting wall formwork BF120 at Bau-Form – why is it worth it?

Handling complex projects and cooperating with large construction companies allowed us to gain extensive experience. By choosing our services, you get:

  • a high-quality product – the panel frame is made of high-quality steel protected against corrosion,
  • a guarantee of long life of the formwork surfaces – the sheathing of the panels is made of multilayer, 18 mm-thick waterproof plywood,
  • a comprehensive service – we provide construction equipment used in large projects.

Write to us or call our customer service department, and our advisers will prepare an offer for you.

Foundation and wall formwork

Do you need wall and foundation formwork, the assembly and disassembly of which does not require bringing heavy equipment (crane) to the construction site?

Our offer includes easy-to-use equipment designed for manual assembly, which can be quickly moved without time-consuming disassembly.

We offer you to purchase or rent a full set of construction equipment.

Elements of foundation and wall formwork and their dimensions

Formwork systems of this type consist of:

light panels (the largest of 150×90 weighs only 45 kg),
a steel frame, hot-dip galvanized, 8 cm thick,
a full set of necessary accessories.

Renting foundation and wall formwork from Bau-Form – why is it worth it?

Light foundation and wall formwork are needed at every construction site. By choosing our services, you get:

  • great comfort at work – the formwork is easy to assemble and can be moved,
  • safety at work – the permissible concrete pressure is 40 kN / m2, along with the panels you will also receive a full set of formwork accessories,
  • professional service – you can count on our full commitment regardless of the type of construction project.

Our advisers will prepare an offer for you. Contact us and let us know what you need.

Medium-sized formwork

Medium-sized formwork panels are versatile – they are suitable for any type of concrete construction work. They can be easily assembled on the construction site without the use of heavy equipment.

The structure of the frames prevents the plywood from deforming under the influence of concrete pressure.

After disassembling the formwork, you will get a smooth surface that does not require additional plastering.

Medium-sized formwork

Medium-sized wall formwork is perfect for:

reinforced concrete walls,
spread footing and strip foundations,
rectangular posts,
elevator shafts,
concrete beams,
other reinforced concrete elements.

If your project also includes other types of works, our sales consultant will also help you choose the other necessary equipment.

Elements of medium-sized formwork and their dimensions

Our offer includes: medium-sized formwork panels, elevator shaft formwork, internal, external and hinged corners.

The permissible concrete pressure on the panels is 60 kN / m2 for settings without superstructures and 55 kN / m2 for settings with superstructures. Possible widths of the formwork panels are 30, 45, 60, 75 and 90 cm, and the heights are 90, 120, 150, 270, 330 cm. Corners are available in the same heights. The internal corner is 30 cm wide, the hinged internal corner is available in two widths, 30 cm and 15 cm.

Medium-sized formwork rental at Bau-Form – why is it worth it?

We provide high-quality medium-sized formwork for companies and individual clients carrying out concrete construction works. By choosing our services, you get:

  • equipment that guarantees the effectiveness of work – the dense ribbing of the frame prevents the plywood from deforming under the influence of concrete pressure,
  • durable product – our formwork will serve you for a long time, high-quality steel from which the panel frame is made has been protected against corrosion,
  • comprehensive service – our experts will help you complete all the necessary equipment for the construction project.

Are you not sure what formwork you need? Contact our advisor.

Ceiling formwork

Our offer includes efficient, quick and easy-to-use ceiling formwork consisting of steel supports and wooden beams.

Our construction formwork is easy to assemble and disassemble, and thanks to that the construction team saves time and works more efficiently.

Ceiling formwork elements and their dimensions

The high quality of the ceiling formwork parts we offer is crucial to ensure the safety and durability of our products. Regardless of whether you are interested in purchasing or renting formwork, you can count on the compliance of their elements with the highest standards.

The ceiling formwork includes: beams H20, plywood (panel, poplar), ceiling supports, cross heads, tripods.

Ceiling formwork elements and their dimensions

We handle complex projects in cooperation with large construction companies and individual clients. By choosing our services, you get:

  • practical product easy to assemble,
  • designing,
  • safety at work – our formwork is of the highest quality,
  • comprehensive service – we will also help in organizing the transport of construction equipment.

Ceiling formwork available in our offer is suitable for any project. The beams vary in length, so you can easily carry out construction work on complex ceilings with unusual shapes. The support range of the supports is from 150 to 550 cm.

Ceiling formwork

The formwork made of aluminum ceiling panels is intended for multi-storey, repeatable office and residential buildings. Depending on the cement used and the ambient temperature, the ceiling formwork can be disassembled after 3-5 days. Their use guarantees the appropriate smoothness of the surface. Made easy. This type of formwork is easy to transport and to store.

They are mainly used for the construction of ceilings in: multi-storey office and residential buildings, garages, office buildings.

Ceiling formwork elements and their dimensions
This formwork consists of the following elements:
formwork panels,
supporting heads, adjustable, bearing for railing,
head support shoe,
security for the toeboard,
adjustment beam and transverse beam.

The formwork structure is based on aluminum panels 45, 60, 75, 90, 180 mm wide and 90 and 180 mm long. The permissible maximum ceiling thickness is 50 cm, and the permissible load is 13 kN / m2.

Renting ceiling formwork at Bau-Form - why is it worth it?

We assemble easy-to-use formwork systems for use in construction projects of companies and individual clients. By choosing our services, you get:

  • lightweight formwork – due to its lightness, it is easy to assemble, disassemble and move.
  • durable product – the formwork is made of materials resistant to weather conditions,
  • flexible service – our sales advisor will take care of your company’s needs and will provide the necessary construction equipment.
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