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Health and safety building security system

Your safety and the safety of your employees is the most important thing. Compliance with the regulations and compliance with certain standards of safe work on the construction site not only protects the health of employees, but also often contributes to increasing the efficiency and maintaining the continuity of work on the construction site.

Elements of occupational health and safety security systems

As part of security systems, we can offer you the following products:

  • protection boards (32 x 150 x 2500 mm or 32 x 150 x 1500 mm),
  • universal protective profiles,
  • PVC strip for reinforcing bars (the height of the strip is 130 mm and its length is 1m),
  • post extensions (available extensions with total heights of 352, 415 and 668 mm),
  • side handles,
  • various handles, e.g. clip holders with a maximum load of 10kN (with the length of the assembly socket of 90 mm), handles for car sides, handles for sheet piles (with a wall thickness of 5 to 16 mm) and many others.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the full offer of products from the category of occupational health and safety systems. Our advisers will be happy to answer your questions and help you find the elements of building security systems that interest you.

Occupational health and safety security systems at Bau-Form – why should you trust us?

We provide high-quality construction protection to large construction companies and individual clients. By choosing our services, you get:

  • work safety – the products we sell are durable and tested by experts running construction companies,
  • individual approach to the customer – regardless of whether you are an entrepreneur or an individual customer, our advisors will prepare a personalized service for you,
  • comprehensive care – do not hesitate to ask us for advice, we will also be happy to help you organize the transport of your equipment.

Contact us to learn more about building security systems. Our advisers will suggest the best solutions and prepare an offer for you.

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