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Frame scaffolding

They allow for a very quick and reliable enclosure of building structures, and by using brackets (consoles) and beams, they enable the enclosure of objects with complex shapes. Frame scaffolding is characterized by simple and logical assembly, which guarantees practical and safe solutions.

Frame scaffolding components and their dimensions

Frame scaffoldings are available in the following dimensions:

longitudinal spacing of the frames:
1,57 m, 2,07 m, 2,57 m, 3,07 m,

transverse spacing of the frames:
0,73 m, 1,09 m,

frame heights:
0,66 m, 1,00 m, 1,50 m, 2,00 m.

Frame scaffolding components
  • steel and aluminum frames,
  • regular steel footing and adjusted footing, tilting,
  • various types of platforms (steel, wooden and others),
  • ladders for platforms,
  • toeboards, handrails and posts,
  • covers, tarpaulins and nets,
  • beams,
  • bracings,
  • nuts, consoles, connectors, cotter pins, bolts, extension arms and transoms,
  • pipes,
  • beams and wheels.

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Renting frame scaffolding from Bau-Form – why is it worth it?

Do you need frame scaffolding for your project? We offer you the purchase or rental of the necessary construction equipment. By choosing our services, you get:

  • quick to assembler scaffolding – frame scaffolding is easy to build and practical to use,
  • safety at work – strong security and high-quality elements guarantee safety at work,
  • comprehensive service – our consultant will quickly answer your inquiry, prepare an individual offer and complete your order.

Write to us or call us to complete the scaffolding set needed for your construction project.

Modular scaffolding

Spatial scaffolding replaces the previously used tubular scaffolding. The advantage of modular scaffolding is its “compatibility” with frame scaffolding. This means that the design of the elements of both systems is so well thought out that many of them can be used both in the construction of frame and modular scaffolding.

Our experts will advise you in what situations it is worth using this type of scaffolding.

Modular scaffolding components and their dimensions

We offer you to complete a full set of scaffolding for rent or purchase, as well as the sale of individual parts.

The available dimensions of scaffolding boxes are:
0,73 m, 1,09 m, 1,57 m, 2,07 m, 2,57 m, 3,07 m.

The vertical position of the elements can be adjusted
from 0.5 to 4.0 m every 0.5 m.

Do you need a different scaffolding element? Write to us and ask what we can do for you.

Modular scaffolding components and their dimensions

Our assortment includes among others:

  • steel stands,
  • primary elements,
  • transoms and U-transoms,
  • security elements,
  • toeboards, handrails
  • bracings,
  • platforms, ladders, couplers, couplings,
  • regular and adjustable stands,
  • brackets and beams,
  • posts,
  • beams and wheels,
  • nuts,
  • nets and tarpaulins.
Modular scaffolding rental at Bau-Form – why is it worth it?

Spatial scaffolding is replacing the tubular ones. Choose the latest solutions in the field of construction equipment. We advise large construction companies and individual clients. By choosing our services, you get:

  • innovative products – we constantly follow changes on the market and offer our clients the best possible solutions,
  • clear rental conditions – renting construction equipment is simple with us,
  • comprehensive service – we advise, sell and rent scaffolding and formwork to large companies and private individuals.

Contact us and our advisors will prepare an offer for you.

Wedge scaffolding

It is by far the most popular scaffolding system. It is made of a system of stands and transoms connected by wedges. Thanks to the wedge system, it is possible to reach difficult places. The advantages of this type of scaffolding are the ease and speed of assembly, very good durability of the components used as well as great security.

It will work well for the construction of both a single-family house and larger buildings.

Elements of wedge scaffolding and their dimensions

A set of wedge scaffolding consists of:

  • stand systems,
  • transoms connected with and wedges,
  • platforms,
  • additional elements, eg ladders.

This scaffolding is available in widths of 650 mm and 950 mm. It is 24.00 m high – one storey is 2 m high.
The working load of the transverse wooden platform is 1.00 kN / m2 and the steel one is 3.00 kN / m2

Renting wedge scaffolding at Bau-Form – why is it worth it?

We handle complex projects in cooperation with large construction companies and individual clients. By choosing our services, you get:

  • a universal product – the elements can be moved freely by moving the platforms,
  • safety at work – this type of scaffolding is very stable (unlike some other types of scaffolding),
  • a scaffolding easy to assemble – the structure of this type of scaffolding is simple, so it can be used many times.

Contact us to learn more about the benefits of wedge scaffolding. Our advisors will suggest the best solution and prepare an offer for you.

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