Module scaffolding

The innovative and independent scaffolding system has replaced the commonly used tubular scaffold. The unique design features of the modular scaffolding make it perfectly compatible with the frame scaffolding.

Module scaffolding

This means that the design of components of both systems allows many of them to be applied either in frame or modular scaffolding systems.

The scaffolding can be implemented in:

  • sphere - or round-shaped constructions, such as towers, boilers, and tanks,
  • factory plants with a large number of installations, pipelines,
  • in shipbuilding industry, power engineering and other branches of industry in a form of a free-standing tower scaffolding, church towers’ works,
  • the process of assembly of stages and stands in art and entertainment venues.

Dimensions of the scaffolding areas: 0,73 m, 1,09 m, 1,57 m, 2,07 m, 2,57 m, 3,07 m.

The vertical position of the elements can be adjusted from 0,5 to 4,0 m every 0,5 m.

Available elements

No. Name of the element No. Name of the element No. Name of the element
1 Stands 16 Aluminium platforms with plywood 31 Aluminium stairs
2 Primary elements 17 Steel pass-by platforms 32 Stairs internal railing
3 Horizontal steel transoms 18 Aluminium ladder 33 Stairs primary U-transom
4 Reinforced steel transoms 19 Inter-storey steel ladders 34 Universal steel pipe
5 Transverse U-transoms 20 Standard steel footings 35 Universal aluminium pipe
6 Double U-transomes 21 Threaded heads 36 Normal and rotary couplings
7 Platform steel protections 22 Steel brackets 37 In-line and anchor couplings
8 Special U-transoms 23 Steel girders 38 Anchor coupling with hook
9 Overlay transoms 24 Aluminium girders 39 Protective cotter pins
10 Wooden curbes 25 Girder coupling link 40 Plastic strut pins
11 Horizontal braces 26 Castors 41 Anchor eye screws
12 Vertical braces 27 Platform aluminium cross-beams 42 Hole plugs
13 Steel platforms 28 Aluminium gand-boards 43 Transport beam
14 ECO steel platforms 29 Rail clamps 44 Scaffolding net screen
15 Platforms with hooks for pipe 30 Pipe couplers 45 Scaffolding canvas cover

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  • Module scaffolding
  • Module scaffolding
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