Fasade scaffolding - type Layher

The scaffolding can be readily and securely erected around standard building structures, whereas, with the application of support systems (consoles) and girders, they can be set up around structures that are highly irregular in shape, too.

Fasade scaffolding - type Layher

Chief qualities of frame scaffolding include hassle-free assembly, a guarantee of secure and practical constructions.

The frame scaffolding is primarily used for:

  • plastering,
  • painting,
  • thermal insulation,
  • heavy works, such as bricklaying; additionally, when used with a 1.09m-wide platform it serves as a storage for all necessary equipment and material.

Spacing between frames along the longitudinal axis: 3.07m, 2.57m, 2.07m, 1.57m

Two types of standard spacing between adjacent support frames: 0.73m and 1.09m

Hight of the frames: 0,66m, 1,00m, 1,50m, 2,00m

Available elements

No. Name of the element No. Name of the element No. Name of the element
1 Steel frames 18 Steel railings 35 Steel lattice girders
2 Aluminium frames 19 Steel railing post 36 Aluminum lattice girders
3 Bypass frame 20 Aluminum railing posts 37 Access girder transoms
4 Standard base jack 21 Steel front frames 38 Aluminum plank cross-bars
5 Tilt base jack 22 Aluminum front frames 39 Aluminum platforms
6 Steel planks 23 Double railings 40 Plank securing elements
7 Aluminum-plywood access planks 24 Net screen posts 41 Securing pins
8 Steel access planks 25 Net screens 42 Anchor eye bolts
9 Aluminum planks with plywood 26 Steel railing posts 43 Universal steel pipes
10 Steel planks with crosspieces 27 Diagonal braces 44 Universal aluminum pipes
11 ECO planks with crosspieces 28 Steel horizontal braces 45 Steel transfer gates
12 Intermediate steel planks 29 Angle braces 46 Transverse transoms
13 Wooden planks 30 Nuts 47 Jib for blocks
14 Aluminum ladder for the Alu. plank 31 Protective roof consoles 48 Mobile scaffolding wheels
15 Steel ladder for the Alu. plank 32 Normal, rotary couplings 49 Scaffolding canvas covers
16 Inter-level steel ladders 33 In-line couplings 50 Scaffolding nets
17 Longitudinal toes boards 34 Aluminum stairs 51 Modul pallets

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  • Fasade scaffolding - type Layher
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