Aluminium ceiling panels

The aluminium ceiling formwork has been designed especially for multi-storeyed, mixed commercial/residential buildings.
Aluminium ceiling panels

The structure of the formwork rests on aluminium panels that are 45, 60, 75, 90, or 180 mm-wide and 90- or 180mm-long.

Form work boards rest on standard shoring consisting of support heads.

Maximum ceiling thickness tolerance is 50cm, whereas safe load is 13 kN/m2.

After 3-5 days, depending on the type of concrete and ambient temperature, the ceiling formwork can be dismantled.


  • hassle-free assembly and dismantlement,
  • sets can be easily moved from storey to storey,
  • assembly takes less than 0.2h/m2,
  • the resulting surface needs no additional finishing.

Available ceiling formwork elements

NO. Name of the element NO. Name of the element
1 Aluminium panel 0,45x0,90 10 Head supporting
2 Aluminium panel 0,60x0,90 11 Overlay head
3 Aluminium panel 0,75x0,90 12 Adjustable head
4 Aluminium panel 0,90x0,90 13 Adjustable head 30
5 Aluminium panel 0,45x1,80 14 Head - gniazdo słupka
6 Aluminium panel 0,60x1,80 15 Curb clamp
7 Aluminium panel 0,75x1,80 16 Compensatory timber girder 0.9m
8 Aluminium panel 0,90x1,80 17 Compensatory timber girder 1,8m
9 Aluminium panel 0,55-0,9x1,8 18 Traverse timber girder 0,9m
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